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Economic Development Questions and Answers

  • The Middle East shows promise of becoming more developed primarily because of what characteristic?

  • The value of total output of goods and services in a year in a country is its

  • In contrast to the international trade approach, the self-sufficiency approach to development

  • Which of the following demographic characteristics of development would not be typical of a less developed country in 2008? 

  • Which of the following countries in 2008 has the largest percent of its workforce engaged in the tertiary or service sector?

  • Which set of data best describes the overall structure of a highly developed country's workforce in 2008 (% of workforce engaged in each sector)?

  • Whic of the following are types of development; check the appropriate.
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  • A good student doesn't want to see following aspect developed for better education....
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  • Which aspects of the following are the major causes for the countries to lack behind in development
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  • Foreign aid can be broadly defined as any assistance that is given to a country that would not normally be provided by:
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  • Official Development Assistance (ODA) is:
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  • Which of the following is an example of unofficial aid? 
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