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What determines economic growth? Why does output fluctuate? Why do we have inflation and why is it a problem? Why do we have unemployment and why is it a hindrance to the economy? Do you think you have what it takes to answer these questions?

For the Macroeconomics aficionado, nothing could be better than an economic-based challenge! Why don’t you bring out your knowledge and wisdom and answer the quizzes based on macroeconomics? Take our amazing quizzes and let us determine how much of an Economics whiz you are! We will provide you with an absolutely unique equilibrium of fun and learning experience! For all we know, you could be the next Adam Smith of our generation.

We know you can do this with ease! Try it right now and release yourself from the scarcity of information! Enjoy!

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that deals with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole. Do you need some practice for an upcoming assignment or test? Do you wanna test...

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    Diffrence between Real and Nominal GDP is:  

Can You Pass This Macroeconomics Test? The performance of the economy is dependent on various factors. By studying microeconomics, you get to learn more about the changes in the environment and what the changes mean for the...

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    The aggregate demand-aggregate supply model is a variable-price-level model that permits analysis of simultaneous changes in real GDP and the price level.

Below are some true or false Trivia Questions On Savings And Investment. When people get money, making more money through what they save up is all they can think about, and this is made possible by them making proper investments....

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    Consumption equals disposable income plus savings.

This quiz covers many topics of macroeconomics. It includes labor & unemployment, inflation, Phillips curve, and income distribution. There are 10 multiple choice questions and you will have 10 minutes to complete the quiz....

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    All of the following are not included in the labor force except

Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply

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    Over the last 50 years, U.S. real GDP has grown at about 5 percent per year

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Macroeconomics Questions & Answers

What is the diffrence between Real and Nominal GDP?
Nominal GDP = C+ I + G + NXReal GDP = nominal GDP / CPI for current year
What is GDP equal to in closed economy?
A closed economy (and there are extremely few) means complete self-sufficiency. A closed economy means there is no trade activity with outside economies, no exports, no imports. The remote unvisited tribe in unexplored Brazil is an example. Brazil i
What one should see while comparing nations economic position with other?
The correct answer to this question is B, per capita GDP. It is used to compare countries economic output to one another. It compares this by its residents. It divides the economic output by the country's population. Per capita GDP, which stands for
What is the real exchange rate between Japan and the United States? Suppose the nominal exchange rate between the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar is 100 yen per dollar. Further, suppose that...
The correct answer to this question is B. 0.8 pound of Japanese hamburger equals one pound of American hamburger. If the nominal exchange rate between the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar is 100 yen per dollar, and a pound of hamburger costs $2 in t