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This is the Ultimate Trivia Quiz on the Design Principle. This quiz is specifically prepared to help you refresh your knowledge of what makes a good effective and pleasurable design. It is very important for designers to follow a...

Questions: 25  |  Attempts: 1308   |  Last updated: Oct 3, 2019
  • Sample Question
    This Design Principle was the first one learned this year. It helps draw attention to the part of your work that the audience should see first.

The purpose of this test is to create some basic questions for testing PHP skills while hiring a new web developer.

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 815   |  Last updated: Jan 23, 2013
  • Sample Question
    What will be printed?if ('2' == '02') { echo 'true';} else { echo 'false';}

Republic Polytechnic Students: You need to set aside 60 mins to complete this quiz. There will be 30 questions in the quiz; the purpose is to test your ability to apply your problem solving and PHP programming skills.

Questions: 40  |  Attempts: 737   |  Last updated: Jan 9, 2013
  • Sample Question
    Rearrange these steps in the correct order. 1. Connect to Database Server2. Close database connection3. Execute SQL query4. Retrieve HTML form data5. Build SQL statement

When getting into web development, the first glance at PHP and all that comes with it can be a daunting task. Once you learn the basics, however, things become easier. Let’s see how much you know thus far!

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 428   |  Last updated: Apr 2, 2018
  • Sample Question
    What does PHP stand for?

It’s time to put your web development skills to the test and tell us everything you know about PHP – the world-renowned server-side scripting language. Do you have all the functions down? We’ll be the judges...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 426   |  Last updated: Apr 2, 2018
  • Sample Question
    What does PHP stand for?

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PHP Questions & Answers

What will be printed?$a = array();if ($a[) null;echo count($a)?A. 0B. 1C. 2D. This code wont compile
Like I said, this code won't compile. See check your quiz answer correctly, in your results you say that the correct answer is 0, which is not.
What is the difference between Require and Include?
Require and include are terms used in PHP. Both are being used to carry out different functions in PHP and are written in this form include (), require (). However, it is essential to note that both are not functions but are referred to as constructs
Is this a legal statement in PHP? $_a=500
1. No. It is missing a character
What is the difference between AJAX and PHP?
AJAX is the short form of Asynchronous JavaScript XML. This refers to a group of methods which can be used for web development. AJAX is very important during web development because it houses different techniques that are interrelated and work togeth