It Security Quizzes & Trivia

IT stands for Information Technology. This is the use of computers and the Internet to spread information, often personal information. We do not want this information shared with strangers, especially strangers who would it use it to steal or harm us.
That’s why we need IT security, or Information Technology security. This includes protection from hackers and viruses. IT security looks for weaknesses in our systems and seeks to protect them before a hacker finds and uses them. It involves protecting not only our personal computer, but that massive linking of computer networks that is the Internet. Are you protected or do you need more IT security? Find out with these quizzes that will test your IT security smarts and how IT security can protect you. 

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In modern times, the use of computers and the internet in particular has never been more important. As such, it’s even more important that you know how to safely conduct yourself online. Take the quiz to find out how.

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  • Sample Question
     Question 1 - Unwanted unsolicited messages, sent by unknown sources, are known as?    

You might be content in your general knowledge on the topic of IT security – don’t click on links sent to you from total strangers and don’t visit untrustworthy websites for downloads, and make sure you keep...

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  • Sample Question
    Which one of the following describes spam?

Model Exam Questions for Front runner Program, of ISEH Appin

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  • Sample Question
    Forensic ToolKit (FTK) is a ?

MSFT2700 Quiz10 AD640 Security

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    OUs represent the functional or geographical model of your company so that resources can be placed according to the users who need them.

Introduction to IT

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  • Sample Question
    What is a worm?

It Security Questions & Answers

How can a computer be protected from the risk of unwanted emails?
A computer can be protected from the risk of unwanted emails by? A. Using anti-virus software
Which one of the following describes how a software can be stored safely?
Software on a computer is the instructions or information that is stored or created in order to operate certain functions on the computer. There are many computer programs that can be installed onto any computer. A piece of software must be stored sa
Which one of the following can protect a computer from the risk ofunwanted emails?
It seems to me that the task of protecting a system from unwanted emails is normal the role of Anti-spam software
Which one of the following protects a computer from the risk ofmalicious programs?
I think it should be anti spyware not PC diagnostic software.