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If there’s any one invention we should be collectively thankful for, it’s modern day plumbing. However, there are some plumbing experts out there who would argue that the ancient Minoan civilization had already beat this “modern day marvel” about 4000 years ago with their own plumbing techniques. Where do you stand on the argument? Do you know enough plumbing facts to take on these quizzes?

Do you know what water pipes used to be made of when they were first brought into use? Sir John Alexander is credited with inventing what in 1596? In 1929 a series of sewer explosions occurred in Canada. Do you know where in Canada the explosions occurred? Can you name the 10 different types of common end-user plumbed-in fixtures? Dust off your handyman skills, you’re going to need them for these quizzes!
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    What pipe should not be buried underground?

Plumbing is something that exists in almost every household or building and if you can be a certified plumber the jobs you have will be unlimited as the skill is not easy to perfect. This test is designed to assess general...

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    What fitting is required to join copper with a galvanized pipe?


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    A kind of G.I. fitting that has one end external threads, while the other end has internal threads.

The plumbing system exam: quiz. A good plumbing system is expected to make it easier for sewerage and water to freely come in and out as expected. The system can either be potable water, sanitary drainage and stormwater drainage....

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Plumbing is any system that transports fluids for a number of different uses and applications. It involves pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks and several other apparatuses to convey said fluids. How much do you know?

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    Is plugging an opening with oakum, lead or other materials

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Plumbing Questions & Answers

Which of the coupling, caulking, nipple, or tread is used to connect the two ends of two pipes, neither of which can be turned?
I think its caulking. I had encountered this before because my friend is a plumber and he teaches me a lot all about plumbing problems. 
What is the minimum size of trap and waste branch for a bidet?
The minimum size of the trap and waste branch for a bidet is 2 diameter. It allows sufficient movement and space for adequate function, while not taking up too much space for itself. A bidet is a fancy addition to the toilet, which functions to wash
How much Plumbing Service Cost?
Hello there, Well its depend on the damage they are fixing. If the damage is small in that part the fee will be small. But if the damage is big and hard to fix in that part the cost will be big too. But you can ask your friend if they know someone th
Which valve permits a liquid or gas to flow in one direction?
The correct answer to this question is Float valve. These valves are heavy duty. They used in many industries, including commercial, agricultural, and industrial. In these industries, they are commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners, an
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