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Higher Education Questions and Answers

  • In what era(s) did a passionate religious revival give women more purpose and freedom in participating in activities of established churches?
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  • Which institution of higher education was the first to allow women to attend?
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  • In what period of time did womens enrollment in higher education institutions decrease?
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  • What is the topic of this workshop?

  • Teachers already know this taxonomy, but it has been adapted to meet the requirements of today's education

  • Bloom's digital taxonomy works from the lower order thinkig skills to the higher order thinking skills 

  • Which would be the best general British English title to recommend for students who are serious about preparing for academic study?
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  • Which title would you recommend for students who need a general American English course with an emphasis on oral expression?
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  • Which two titles would be suitable for teachers who put a great deal of emphasis on the Common European Framework?
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