Top Physical Education Quizzes & Trivia

Good old physical education or PE as it is most often referred to in schools across the world. Most kids fall into one of two categories when it comes to phys-ed: They love it, or they hate it. It’s either their favorite class or the one they love the most. Some people are just born to dominate at dodgeball. However, there’s more to PE than just working up a good sweat. It’s a class intended to teach students about living healthy. How much did you learn in your last PE class? What is an advantage of exercising? Can you name at least two exercises used to improve cardiovascular health?

What does BMI measure? Questions like these and more are waiting for you in these quizzes. Designed specifically to benefit your knowledge of healthy living and exercise, these quizzes serve as a fantastic learning opportunity for anyone interested in PE. Give these quizzes a try and then take some of its advice! Get up and get moving.

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