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Did you know that adult learners make up more than 40% of all students pursuing work-related courses, basic skills training courses, personal interest courses, apprenticeships, ESL programs, or part-time college degrees? No matter how old you are or where you have left your studies, it’s never too late to go back to school and give yourself a second chance. Take our online adult learning quizzes to learn all the fundamentals and concepts.
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What kind of adult learner are you?

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    Prefered seating arrangement? Everyone sitting in a circle, or rows with desks?

Adults that are interested in developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes are known to have been participating in the learning so far. This learning helps in eradicating illiteracy among adults because it is a learning...

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    Which category of people involve themselves in adult learning?

Adult Learning is a type of education which involve the activities of adults to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude over a long period of time through teachings. This education makes the adult have courage in their doings...

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    What is the characteristic of a learning adult? 

There are four questions in total. You have to select the option that you feel is right. Score will be generated in the end.

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    What was not a reason for participants to dislike the training program by Andrew?

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Adult Learning Questions & Answers

Who started the concept of adult learning?
Adult education and learning are a critical concept, whether it is for furthering one's career, going to school to obtain a degree or to extend a current degree. Adults can use their life learned resources to receive credit by challenging specific co
What are the key elements of effective adult learning?
There are different elements that are needed that can make an adult learning more effective. The first thing that people need to do is to pay attention. Without this, then the person will not be able to concentrate on what he is trying to learn. Gene
What are the basics of adult learning?
Traditional learning and adult learning have some differences that should be noted. Adults will always learn best when they know the reason why they are learning something. They will also learn more if they have the freedom to learn whenever they wan
What is the theory of adult learning?
The theory of adult learning is also known as Andragogy. This is a type of specialized curriculum that has been created specifically for adults. According to Malcolm Knowles, adults tend to learn things differently as compared to kids who will try to
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