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Spirituality is a term thrown about these days to describe many things. Spirituality is actually extremely difficult to describe, lacking a real definition. However, it is still a very interesting topic, so why not try our super spirituality quiz today? When did the New Age movement begin to emerge? Who is Alan Watts? What does spirituality mean to Sikhs? What exactly is Secular spirituality?

Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you think you have what it takes to do well on our spirituality quiz? Take the quiz today and find out! Maybe meditate a little, or even partake in some yoga, then sit back and enjoy these quizzes. They are filled with history, cultural differences and fun facts. We are sure you will enjoy it!
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The purpose of this exercise is to draw a picture of your own personal style of spirituality. In each question, select the answer that describes what meets your needs in a worship setting, or that applies to your...

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Did you ever wonder what elemental power you have? Well this quiz tells you if your element is : Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal, Water, Leaf, Air, or the legendary Lightning!

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    Do you do martial arts?

Find out if you share the ideals of the Transcendentals, Romantics, or Realists.

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    Where would you rather live?

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    You and your partner walk through the park at a late hour. You get approached by a stranger. You:  

Third Eye is a term in the spiritual realm which is everybody knows as the pineal gland. This eye is helpful in solving all life challenges as well as making one having the focus of who to marry or not. The opening of one's...

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    Which of these also work hand in hand with third eye? 

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Spirituality Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Religious Studies and Theology?
Theological study and theology are a closely related academic discipline which is easily missed up because they both have a lot to do about God. Religious education is a study that deals with the research of religious belief, behaviors, and instituti
What can a mandala represent and ow are they created?
A mandala can represent both the mind and the body. At the centre of each mandala is a dot, this represents the beginning of life ( a sperm or a seed). From the central dot, a line is drawn. Various Other lines are then added in until they become in
What elements of study do human and physical geography have in common?
They are concerned with where things occur and why they occur where they do.
How can I know what my spiritual gift is?
There is no enchantment equation or conclusive test that can let us know precisely what our otherworldly endowments are. The Holy Spirit disseminates the donations as He decides (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). A typical issue for Christians is the impulse t