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  • What was Vishnu's most important avatara?
    What was Vishnu's most important avatara?
    Gandhi is not an avatar of Vishnu. The term "important" in the question is not correct because they are all important in their own context. Poor question.

  • What does Samsara mean?
    What does Samsara mean?
    Samsara is the cycle of life. it means reincarnation. if you generate good karma in life you will go through samsara and will be reborn

  • What is a Brahman?
    What is a Brahman?
    Brahman is part of the religon Hinduismits ism Priest/scholars

  • Which form did Shiva take to undertake this divine mission? Brahma the uncaring creator was punished by Shiva by cutting his fifth head.
    Which form did Shiva take to undertake this divine mission? Brahma the uncaring creator was punished by Shiva by cutting his fifth head.
    The answer is Rudra because when Brahma created the universe filled of destroying plants no clothes no food and all people were suffering from many types of fever. So Shiva got angry and takes rudra avatar and cutted of Brahma 5 head

  • What does reprehand mean?
    What does reprehand mean?
    Reprehend is an English term and it means to deal with. It is usually used in a negative sense in order to disapprove of or condemn an action. Hence, we can say that John reprehended the decision. This means that John strongly disapproved of the decision. The word is often used to describe avulsion to certain situations and the desire to denounce an action. People commonly use it in strong contexts. However, such words are fast losing their value as modern English shifts to adopt simpler words and easier sentences that everyone can understand rather than flowery vocabulary that is difficult for readers.

  • What is the difference between Hinduism and Zoroastrianism?
    What is the difference between Hinduism and Zoroastrianism?
    Hinduism and Zoroastrianism are not the same. They are different religions practiced by a diverse group of people. Hindus and Zoroastrianism follow people referred to as Parsis support Hinduism. Hinduism is the indigenous religion in India. It is considered one of the oldest religions in the world. In Hinduism, righteousness (Dharma) is the best virtue. “Dharma” refers to the duties of a person One person known as Prophet Zoroaster started Zoroastrianism. Greater Iran mainly followed the religion around the 6th Century BCE. In Zoroastrianism, there is one creator called Ahura Mazda, and one evil which does not originate from the creator. The creator is good, and the darkness tries to destroy the good.

  • When did Hinduism start?
    When did Hinduism start?
    4000 years ago

  • Which country has the highest percentage of Hindus?
    Which country has the highest percentage of Hindus?
    1. Nepal

  • What does the "theme" of a story mean?
    What does the "theme" of a story mean?
    What the story is about

  • What is the climax?
    What is the climax?
    The most important or interesting part of a story

  • What does muliate mean?
    What does muliate mean?
    To disfigure

  • What does acetate mean?
    What does acetate mean?
    Salt acid

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