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The school curriculum is an ever-changing, ever-evolving educational necessity. It structures courses and information shared throughout the school year so as not to overwhelm students at a particular grade level but still help them advance to the next. It is a complex process. Without a set curriculum most schools would be at a loss regarding what to do each hour, of each day, of each week. What do you know about curriculums and how they work?

What two things does every curriculum seek to develop in students? What is the basic process for developing a curriculum? What does the grade system have to do with the curriculum? School curriculums are a lot more complicated than most people realize. There is also a lot more thought and planning that goes into each individual curriculum that most people are unaware. Take this opportunity to test your knowledge about obtaining knowledge and try these quizzes today.

Overview  of central task of teaching and curriculum

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         Which statement most accurately defines the subject-based curriculum?

Quiz to help study for Curriculum part of GSU EDAD Comps.

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    This type of curriculum is assessed. 

For College Student..

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    Contents and experiences are all created to engage the students in learning.

Third curriculum quiz to help study for the curriculum portion of the GSU Comps exam. 

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    Which of the following about change agents is true?

Foundations in Ed

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    1.  The sequence of planned learning experiences described in course guides and syllabi is called

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Curriculum Questions & Answers

Current trends in Reading include
Supporting the development of a library of specially recorded books.
Name a compartment in a parallel circuit.
1. Battery2. A Battery3. A cell4. Cell5. Wire6. Wires7. A battery pack8. A lightbulb9. Lightbulb10. Bulb11. Electrons