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Looking for a job – or an internship, or a military career, or a spot in college? You may be wondering how those companies, organizations, and schools seek to recruit new employees, interns, soldiers, and students. What should you be doing to make yourself more appealing as a recruit – what kinds of things should be on your resume to make you the most attractive to recruiters? What are the best places to connect with recruiters, online and in person, and who are these people you may find yourself talking to?

If you’re nervous about your prospective career or college options, and wondering what to expect from the recruitment process, worry no more: take our quizzes about recruitment information and find out what you need to help yourself be the best possible recruit.

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  • A potential new member is defined as anyone registered as a full time student at Chapman University and has the potential for registering for recruitment.

  • Which of the following is an appropriate poster that can be displayed during orientation?

  • Tabling can occur only during the first two weeks of classes leading up to recruitment weekend, and not during orientation week.

  • When is the best time to highlight the benefits of a guest booking a show?

  • What are the benefits of having the hostess act as your business partner?

  • Why do we do the Booking & Recruiting Talk in the middle of the show?

  • Given that n is an integer, is ┃n┃× n < 2n?     (1) n < 0.     (2) n = –6
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  • Is x a positive integer?     (1) |x| >1     (2) 1
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  • What is the value of |y|?     (1)    y = -3     (2)    y2 = 
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  • Before opening a vacancy request, what things should you consider? (Check all that apply)

  • Posting internally for at least 5 business days before going externally is mandatory for:

  • When considering candidates for a vacancy, the following categories get priority (Check all that apply)