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    Technician A says a higher than normal voltage drop could indicate high resistance. Technician B says high resistance causes an increase in current flow. Who is correct?

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      Red and white signs with a red line mean:

In a free market described by free forces of demand and supply, perfect competition seems to prevail. It involves many suppliers, supplying to the same market, the same product and the quiz below tests on the subject.

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    The only requirement for a market to be perfectly competitive is for the market to have many buyers and sellers

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    Write as a decimals 7/100


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Competition Questions & Answers

What is the probability that a hamster will have black, fine hair?
The answer to this question is B. There is only a 1/4 chance that the hamster will have black and beautiful hair. Genetics is a fun thing because different traits can be traced to ancestors. This is not only true for the various features of people. T
Which of the following is most true about interspecific competition? A- It involves interaction between individuals of the same species B- it's the greatest among organisms that...
The truest factor about interspecific competition is that; it is the greatest between organisms that physically share similar ecological niches. Interspecific competition is a term basically used in ecology, in which the other relative term to it is
What is the model of the pistols featured in the MP Crossed Pistols?
B is the answer to this question. This is also known as Harper’s Ferry Pistol. This is known to be one of the pistols that became available in the year 1805. Probably because it was made centuries ago, its design is a bit different from the mod
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