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Which of the following statements about the activity of genes is NOT true?
A gene is in the DNA that contains our hereditary information. For example, the genes I received from my mother may be the gene that has to do with the color of my eyes. However, it usually takes many genes and combinations and processes in order to
How is a person tested for Syphilis?
1. A blood testSyphilis is tested through a simple blood test.
Which of the following may be a sign of a primary Syphilis infection?
A painless sore in the genital area.A primary Syphilis infection may present symptoms of a painless sore (chancre), which is usually within the genital area. In some circumstances this sore may exist in other areas, or may not easily be visible due
What is the difference between Belief and Knowledge?
When you hear the words “belief” and “knowledge,” you probably know that they are different from each other but you cannot exactly tell what their differences are. When you say belief, this means that there is something that y