Early Childhood Education Quizzes & Trivia

This exam will test your aptitude on Early Childhood Education.

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    Which one of the following is Not a creative development of a three year old

Physical development of early childhood

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    Wich of the following is not a sense we use?

Do Your BEST!!!

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    What is the meaning of  Anecdotal records.

Test your knowledge of what you have learnt about the value of play in Early Childhood Education.

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    What is the definition of cognitive?

This quiz is about the Characteristics of a Good Early Childhood Education. It focuses on how Preschool teachers should have and handle Preschool curriculum and preschoolers. Preschool teachers should be able to determine the...

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    In a good program, adults are involved with children. They are nurturing and responsive. There is ample verbal exchange and interactions which aim to teach, not just to control.

Early Childhood Education Questions & Answers

Which one of the following is Not a creative development of a three year old?
D.Typically children at this age do not enjoy simple poems
What is one thing that children can develop through interacting with adults?
Awareness of their own special strengths and confidence that these are valued. The inclination and ability to listen attentively and respond appropriately to speakers. The skills and language to initiate and maintain relationships with others.
What is the meaning of Authentic assessment?
A form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills.