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Most of us know that online assessments are a central part of eLearning - "the use of electronic media, educational technology and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education" - quote Wikipedia. But did you know that there's something called the online assessment software? If you did, then can you name one?

Online assessments come in various forms and have different uses. For instance, you can have an online assessment made up of only essay questions or you can add a bunch of question types such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true or false and more. You can also have skill assessments, employee evaluation assessments and much more. But let that rest. It's time for you to take the plunge and dive into the world of online assessments.  

This pre-test will gauge your basic understanding on Billing and AR module based on the webinars and recordings you listened during the first week of onboarding.  The instructor will use this tool to determine which area or...

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    This is a three-line billing description that will print at the top of the bill. This description includes prime and other contract number, billing address and contract/task name.

Study for your Quarter 2 District Assessment!

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    Identify the shape of this bacteria:

Post Assessment From TLI Questions

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    Which sentence uses commas correctly?  

Use this practice assessment to see if you are prepared to take the actual assessment on Tuesday the 26th. 

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    Acid rain wearing away the face of a statue is an example of

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    A mother calls concerned that her son ingested some cherry flavored children’s Tylenol® syrup. Your first step to selecting the correct product is to:

Online Assessment Questions & Answers

What is the proper hold/transfer procedure?
Ask permission from the customer Inform the customer of the reason why they will be placed on hold. Set timeframe Get back to the customer within the timeframe given. Thanks the customer for staying on the line
What is wrong in the following case? A patient comes to the doctor complaining of deep muscle pain in the calf and foot and claudication. During the assessment, the nurse observes coolness,...
The veins in your legs carry blood to your heart. They have one-way valves that keep blood from flowing backward. If you have chronic venous insufficiency, the valves don't work the way they should, and some of the blood may go back down to your legs
What is the ouput of the below perl code? print Content-type: text/html ; #HTTP HEADER #DEFINE SOME ARRAYS%coins = (Quarter, 25, Dime, 10, Nickle, 5);%ages = (Jerry, 45, Tom, 22, Vickie, 38);...
Actually, In hash  we cannot sure or assume that, the hash will print like this only.If array means we can sure that, it will print in the order. But in hash we cannot. Because while storing in the hash itself the order of insert will change. Bu