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Matter as we have come to learn is anything that has mass and occupies space. Particle theory is a theory of matter which essentially states that matter is made up of small particles which are constantly moving. Just how well did...

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    Everything is made of matter.  Matter is made of...?

This test is to help prepare you for your CDC EOC. This not to be used as a replacement for your books.

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    "An unbalanced foce ona body produces or tends to produce an acceleration in the direction of the force and that the acceleration, if any, is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body" This statement is

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    Let L = {w = (0+1)* | w has even number of 1’s}, i.e. L is the set of all bit strings with even number of 1’s. Which one of the regular expression below represents L ? (ISRO-2016)

Like the title says, the chromosome theory and linkage.

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    Chromosomes were discovered by:  (I don't think we didn't cover this one this year, 2010)

This quiz will test your understanding of what a theory is. You will need to mark "TRUE" for all those that fit the criteria for being a theory. If the statement does NOT match the criteria for a theory, then mark...

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    Theories include observations. 

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What chromosome number the gene for B is located? A somatic cell hybridization experiment was performed and three hybrid cell lines were produced (23, 34, and 41). In each line, the chart...
The correct answer to this question is 3. Chromosomes are DNA molecules, which house an organism's genetic materials. These materials including packaging and chaperone proteins. The definitive discovery of chromosomes came in the mid 1880s from scien
What is the sliding filament theory?
Should include:calcium released by the cisternae of the sr binds to troponin causing a confirmational change in the troponinthe aforementioned change causes the troponin/tropomyosin to move, exposing the myosin binding site to be exposed on the actin
Particles are.
Moving in solids, gases and liquidsParticles in ALL states of matter are constantly moving