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Do you call yourself an avid reader? Are you fond of the literary works of geniuses like Shakespeare, Robert Louis Stevenson or T.S. Eliot? Delve into our comprehensive online literature quizzes to test your knowledge. Share with your friends to see who is the real master.

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    The author of sonnet 43 is... 

Do you have a proper understanding when it comes to plot conflict and comprehension? As an aspiring author, you need to have some basic knowledge about the parts that make a story a story, and the quiz...

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    This usually occurs at the beginning of the story. Characters are introduced. We also learn about the setting. Most importantly, we are introduced to the main problem of the story.

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    What kind of animal is Wilbur in the book "Charlotte's Web"?

This quiz has been developed by a professional psychologist and literature expert at Oxford. If you answer the questions as honestly as possible, the results are surprisingly accurate. Enjoy!

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    You would describe yourself as:

A simple quiz on Sanskrit Literature is generated to create the awareness among the Sanskrit lovers. Finally a surprise - A certificate will be awarded to you.  All the answers will be visible towards the end. All the...

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    माहेश्वरसूत्राणि - How many in number ?

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Literature Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review?
Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review are mostly seen and used in essay writing, research work as a thesis. Both give a summary of some facts about various information in a particular book. Annotated bibliographies are used to provide informat
What does Nancy Drew play in the book Nancy Drew?
Nancy Drew played a detective in the book entitled Nancy Drew. She is a fictional character in the mystery fiction series written and created by Edward Stratemeyer. Before we discuss more about Nancy Drew, let’s talk about the author first. Edw
What does Rapunzel let down in Rapunzel?
Rapunzel let down her hair in Rapunzel. It is a known fact that Rapunzel is a fairy tale popularized by the Brothers Grimm, but some people don’t really know the brothers behind such work of art. Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm or Jacob Grimm was born
What does Sam I Am eat with his Green Eggs in the famous Dr. Seuss book?
Sam-I-Am eats ham with his green eggs in the famous Dr. Seuss book. It is obvious that this is the correct answer because Dr. Seuss children’s book is entitled Green Eggs and Ham. It was published on August 12, 1960 and has sold more than 8 mil
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