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Short story is a type of writing which involves a story told in a short amount of time or space. Short stories are often viewed as the opposite of novels. While some authors might write novels, others write short stories.

What many people mistakenly believe is that a short story is a mere few pages. While the name “short” does imply that it is not long, what one must take into account is that the term “short story” was derived as the opposite of long novels produced throughout historical periods of time. Authors today can cultivate short stories that are a mere two or three pages, all the way through one hundred pages broken up into smaller stories of ten pages each. If you love writing and know a lot about short stories, try your luck with one of our quizzes. 
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    The vantage point from which a story is told is 

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    The central character anround which the conflict revolves.

This quiz will determine your knowledge of some of the more common elements of short stories.

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    What is NOT a characteristic of a short story?

A quiz on Vonnegut's short story "Harrison Bergeron"

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    Diana Moon Glampers held the title "Handicapper General".

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    The time and location in which a story takes place is known as ________________________.

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Short Story Questions & Answers

What was the climax of The Tell-Tale Heart?
I think this is one of those stories where the climax, falling action and resolution is all one. It occurs when he admits his crime.
What is the theme of "Phaethon Gets His Wish"?
D is the correct answer to this question. A lot of people think, especially those who are young, that they already know everything about life. There are some situations that they will experience and they will not think twice about going through them.
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