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If you’re reading this message, you’re displaying some level of comprehension. Reading comprehension is a skill taught early in school. It is defined as someone reading text and understanding its meaning. Comprehension involves many characteristics, including the age of the reader, their skill level, language, and prior knowledge of the subject.
The reader will ask themselves: “Why should I read this?” and “Do I need to read more to understand?” Do you know the definition of phonics? It is an important aspect of comprehension. Another important part of comprehension is visualization – visualizing the words and their meaning while reading. Are you ready to put your comprehension skills to the test? Take one of our comprehension quizzes to see if you comprehend its true meaning!

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What can you conclude from this sentence? A dog is bigger than a mouse, but smaller than an elephant.
The correct answer is option D – An elephant is bigger than a dog. The statement above, we can tell that a dog is bigger than a mouse and an elephant is bigger than a dog. This makes option D the only correct answer and other options wrong. Op
Who is the father of Estella?
The father of Estella is definately Magwitch! Mr Jaggers is gave Estella up for adoption to Miss Havisham when he took in Molly (Estellas Mother) as a housekeeper.
Who is the father of Estella?
It's Magwitch - not Mr. Jaggers...'Magwitch was the husband of Jaggers servant woman. One day, she came to Magwitch saying that she had murdered the other woman and she was going to kill their child – and Magwitch would never see the baby again
What was the nick name that Pip gave to Herbert?
This is incorrect, because handel is the name Herbert gives to Pip, not the other way around.