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You will find questions like “What is the means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas?”, “How do you call the ability to interpret what the information symbols represent?”, “What is rapid serial visual presentation reading involve?”, and “Through what kind of physical process are we able to decipher words?” Read slowly, but answer swiftly, and you will be greatly rewarded!

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  • There was once a time I fell in love with writing i spent many years trying to perfect my grammar in order to become a better writer. I saw writing as a form of expression, that's why I could not stop putting my ink on paper. During the second world war, opinions were hardly heard so writers abandoned the almighty pen to hide under the protection of their chairs, or anywhere to hide their cowardice from the world. I didn't stop, I published my article on dictatorship in my country, and then my country started to change. Answer the questions that follow. Think of a suitable title for the passage.
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  • Which point of view was used?
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  • Why couldn't the writer stop writing?
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  • The Felis silvestris is also known as the house cats. They are domesticated and safe to be kept at homes. Even with the cat's domestication, the Felis can live in the wild due to its body structure and its instincts. It's from the Felidae family, so its related to the cheetahs, leopards and other wild cats. Use the passage to answer the questions that follow. The term 'wild' as used in the passage means?

  • Why are domestic cats able to survive in the wild?

  • What do you understand in the last sentence?

  • How many affected individuals are on this pedigree chart and how can you tell?
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  • Is this chart following a dominant or recessive trait and how do you know?
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  • If this chart is following the recessive trait for albinism (people who are albinos, aa), then what is the genotype of the parents at the top of the chart?
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  • As discussed in Gorski’s article Historicizing the Secularization Debate: Emile Durkheim theorized that…

  • According to chapter 4 (Zuckerman et al), secularism has directly benefited many societies through the abolishment of divine-right monarchy governments and the subsequent introduction of modern-day democratic governments. Which historical-political event and ideology/philosophy initiated this movement?

  • According to Wellman and Kyoko’s article Is Religious Violence Inevitable, why do nation states and modern secular elites fear, and seek to marginalize religion?