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Tell me what kind of literature you prefer and I’m going to tell what kind of person you are. From ancient philosophy, to comic books, or even tea leaves, reading is not only a form of leisure and information, but also a form of expression. Take these quizzes on reading and find out if you truly know all there is to know about your favorite hobby.

You will find questions like “What is the means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas?”, “How do you call the ability to interpret what the information symbols represent?”, “What is rapid serial visual presentation reading involve?”, and “Through what kind of physical process are we able to decipher words?” Read slowly, but answer swiftly, and you will be greatly rewarded!


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  • Elise ate her apples on the corner of the street in her home town. She got mentally ill fast. Everyone wondered why. Was it because of the apple? We dont know. Do you?Who got sick
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  • Try to do this. What sentence has correct spelling
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  • When riding in your car, you are most likely listening to

  • Your favorite movie is

  • It's late at night, and you are watching

  • Psyche is the youngest of how many sisters?

  • Venus orders Cupid to shoot an arrow in Psyches heart in order to

  • At the beginning of the story, Venuss feeling about Psyche is one of

  • How old was Satrape in 1980?
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  • Bilingual schools were closed down because:
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  • The prophet in Iran before the Arab Invasion was:
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