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Recreation Questions & Answers

What contributes to the real value of sport and recreation?
Is the cure-all for society s issues.Sport and recreation is not the cure-all for societys issues, but it can assist significantly in a positive way.
How does sport and recreation connect communities?
Generally, places with low levels of social capital are safer than those with high levels of social capital.Generally, places with high levels of social capital that have better governance and are more prosperous tend to be safer. (Putnam, 2000)
How does sport and recreation effect at-risk behaviour?
Increases apathy and incidence of violence, delinquency and suicide.Sport and recreation enhances social cohesion and self-esteem which reduces the incidence of violence, delinquency and suicide and provides a system of social support.
How does participation in sport affect our physical and psychological well-being?
Contributes to cardiovascular disease prevention and control as well as primary prevention of some cancers. However, it does not benefit injury prevention.Participation in physical activity provides clear benefits in the five national health prioriti