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After a long day or week of work, some relaxation is what you might crave! Engage in some recreation right now with our enjoyable online recreation quizzes and have some fun.
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The human mind is only capable of holding on to so much, and it is advisable for people to be social and interact with other people or find fun things to do so as to let loose. Do you know some of the most common recreational...

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    What are all the examples of recreational/leisure activities?

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     Minimum and maximum weight for rock climbing

Massage Theory and Practice Test 1 recreation

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    Which of the following is not a component of the ICF model?

The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Sport and Recreation

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    What contributes to the real value of sport and recreation? (Choose one incorrect answer)

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    Who has the authority to alter the hours of operation of the fitness center (FC)?


Recreation Questions & Answers

What are the three reasons you should use the supportive stance?
The three reasons we should use the supportive stance are: Communicates Respect. Nonthreatening. Maintains safety.
What contributes to the real value of sport and recreation?
Is the cure-all for society s issues.Sport and recreation is not the cure-all for societys issues, but it can assist significantly in a positive way.
How does sport and recreation connect communities?
Generally, places with low levels of social capital are safer than those with high levels of social capital.Generally, places with high levels of social capital that have better governance and are more prosperous tend to be safer. (Putnam, 2000)
How does sport and recreation contribute to social inclusion?
Culturally and linguistically diverse people as well as Indigenous Australians can be vulnerable to social and structural disconnection. Participation in sport and recreational activities tends to increase this social isolation.Sports organisations i