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  • What are some of the pros and cons of using Airbnb?
    What are some of the pros and cons of using Airbnb?
    The main advantages of using Airbnb for budget conscious-tourists and business travelers are that they receive decent prices and a comfortable atmosphere. The primary disadvantages are that the accommodations may not be quite as described and the hosts may not be responsive to guests’ requests. The pros for the hosts include a chance to make money and the cons include a risk that their homes will be damaged, either unintentionally or purposely, and items may also be stolen. It is also quite a bit of work to maintain and clean the property. Other good aspects of Airbnb’s services in general are that they are friendly and easy to work with and at least in some countries, there are some guarantees for both hosts and guests.

  • What steps do I need to take in the planning process for a vacation?
    What steps do I need to take in the planning process for a vacation?
    The steps to plan a vacation depends on your goals and the money you have to spend. Generally speaking, you'll want to pick the timeframe that you will travel, figure out the best times to fly, book said flights, and start looking at hotels as well as the activities you'd like to do while there. If you are traveling out of country, it will be necessary to ensure your passport is up-to-date and that you have any necessary visas to enter the country. As the trip gets closer, look into your transportation to and from the airport and how you will get around town.

  • What is the best honeymoon destination in the world (and why)?
    What is the best honeymoon destination in the world (and why)?
    The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for in a honeymoon. In other words, do you want to cruise with other newlyweds, do you want a warm and relaxing beach vacation, a culture-focused large city tour and so on. According to rankings by U.S. News & World Report, based on expert opinions and traveler votes, the top honeymoon destinations are as follows: Tuscany, Tahiti, Bora Bora, St. Lucia, Fiji, Napa Valley, Maldives, Paris, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Bali, Kauai, Rome, Santorini, Maui, Cinque Terre, Lorie Valley, Corfu, US Virgin Islands and Nice. This list was probably compiled before the 2017 hurricane season so be sure to do more research before you decide on your destination.

  • What are the best summer travel destinations?
    What are the best summer travel destinations?
    There are a large number of summer travel destinations depending upon what you would like to do on your vacation. Even though it is summer, somepeoplelike to snow ski. There are places in the summer like in the southern hemisphere like Brazil that has snow skiing. This is because the southern hemisphere has opposite seasons as the northern hemisphere. If you want to do normal summer things like go to the beach, then the best summer travel destinations would include Cozumel and Miami Beach. These would be great destinations if you want to hang out on the beach, swim in the ocean or do other activities on the beach. You could also go to clubs and go dancing.

  • Which city has more to offer for the average tourist, Milan or Madrid (and why)?
    Which city has more to offer for the average tourist, Milan or Madrid (and why)?
    I think Milan have more to offer. Both of the city are beautiful for sure . Considering that Milan is the italian business city,its also the first city in europe forfair event.The architecture is pure beauty with historical center with the second biggest cathedral of the world after Rome, the Duomo, mixing with modern skyline and experimental architeture with for exemple the bosco verticale. Its also the capital of fashion and design (versace, dolce gabana, armani, valentino, prada)as Paris and New York and you can shopping for all budget. Sport is an institution with two big soccer club, great stadium, also the famous Monza formula one circuit. Biggest metro of Italy, the hinterlandis well connected with big suburb train network. 3 airport in 50 kmand one of them in 5 km from the center. Butthe real diference is the location: 1.Its in the midle of the Po valley, youcan reach by fast train torino in 45 min, Venice in 2h,Florence in 1h30. 2. Its close to the Alps with ski infrastructure without comparison. 3. You can reach in 1h or 2h the ligurian riviera coast line andthe famouscinque terre or the Italian great lake, Lake Como, both with real mediterean climate, also in winter. The last but not least... the food and cafe!

  • Which countries can Americans visit without a visa?
    Which countries can Americans visit without a visa?
    There have been tighter restrictions regarding traveling outside of the continental United States because of the terrorist attacks. However, there are a few places that Americans can visit without a visa. A passport will usually suffice when traveling outside of the United States. Visas are used for longer trips and sometimes Americans may be traveling outside of the United States, but they won’t be living there. They will be vacationing there for a longer than usual period of time. Some of the countries that require Americans to have a visa include Brazil, Libya, Sudan, and Russia, to name a few. Most countries require a visa with just a few countries that are the exceptions. Hong Kong and Singapore do not require visas to visit them.

  • What is pseudo city Code?
    What is pseudo city Code?
    The correct answer to this question is letter A. This is used in order to find the current location of a travel agency. This can be crucial at times especially when you are looking for a travel agency that can provide what the help you need for your next vacation. You may be planning to have a budget trip to an exotic place that you have never been to before. This will not be a problem when the travel agency is able to help you plan the trip well. Some people would rather do DIY rather than locate a travel agency but if you are traveling in a group, this is more convenient. You also know how much you are going to pay for ahead of time.

  • What does Steinbeck mean in Travels with Charley when he says that he did not know his own country?
    What does Steinbeck mean in Travels with Charley when he says that he did not know his own country?
    Option C - He felt out of touch with areas he had not visited on a long time was what Steinbeck meant in travel with Charley when he said he did not know his own country. Nothing but a little bar remained the same when Steinbeck returned to his. He realized that his return caused only confusion and uneasiness. He realized that his home was only going to exist as memory. Steinbeck lost his directions several time in his journey. America had changed in Steinbeck's eyes.

  • What are the chances of being detained if I have to travel to Pyongyang, North Korea?
    What are the chances of being detained if I have to travel to Pyongyang, North Korea?
    The chances of being detained if you were to travel to Pyongyang, North Korea probably are pretty great and may depend on what country you are travelling from. As an American, if I were you, I would not go. I would find another way. What could possibly be so important that you have to travel there? It’s simply just too dangerous. Many Americans have been accused of political crimes, put on trials which are ridiculously staged where they are forced to make confessions and then they are given very harsh sentences to be served in labor camps where the water is unclean and the food barely edible.

  • What is the best party city in the world?
    What is the best party city in the world?
    A December, 2017, survey by Hostelworld’s Rankings rated Hamburg, Germany as the best city in the world for night life. It’s Germany’s second largest city with over one hundred districts, offering just about anything you can imagine. “The city’s diverse and exciting nightlife guarantees an unforgettable time.” St Pauli is Hamburg’s famous red light and party area with everything from erotic bars, sex shops, sailors’ pubs, modern discos, cheap student bars, sophisticated cocktail bars, Irish pubs, and live music places. Concert halls, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping areas, museums, churches, architecture, parks, bakeries, cinemas and so much more can all be found in Hamburg.

  • Should I allow my husband to visit Bangkok with his friends?
    Should I allow my husband to visit Bangkok with his friends?
    <!--td {border: 1px solid ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->I personally would not allow my husband to visit Bangkok, Thailand, with his friends. It’s not that I don’t trust him, I don’t trust his friends. Seriously though, Bangkok is well known for its sex tourism. Prostitution is part of the culture and prostitutes can be found in many different places not just the traditional brothels and massage parlors, but also bars and even karaoke clubs. I’ve also read that over a million Thais are currently living with HIV/AIDS. I’m sure there are other reasons to visit but I would first want to know what they plan to see and do and why they chose Bangkok over some other place.

  • What are the chances of a tourist being robbed in Brazil?
    What are the chances of a tourist being robbed in Brazil?
    The chances of a tourist being robbed in Brazil are pretty good. Prior to the World Cup which was held in 12 Brazilian cities in 2014, the United States Department of State described armed robbery in Brazil as “a major concern”. I would not just be worried about robbery, but I would also be worried about contracting yellow fever. The same US State Department issued a travel warning in January, 2017, about an outbreak of yellow fever, advising tourists to get a vaccination before travelling to Brazil. Also in July of 2017, this same agency warned of increases in crime on and around the Corcovado Mountain hiking trails.

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