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Adventure Questions and Answers

  • Select one of the following that best represents a positive aspect of your personality.

  • What drives you?

  • As you sip your drink, a drunk stranger pushes you in a confrontational manner. You notice the jacket slung over the man's bar stool - he is a paramedic. The bartender does not look like he is about to intervene.

  • Your best gal pal tells you shes pregnant. How do you respond?

  • At work you won the title of "Boss For a Day" through a raffle. Whats the first thing you do?

  • What best describes youre favorite activity?

  • You suddenly get the opportunity to go to space at no cost for you.  What is your reaction?

  • Would you ever go skydiving?

  • Which of these dangerous situations would you be most willing to try?

  • If you could live anywhere out of the answers below, where would you live?

  • Just pick one!

  • If you could have any pet from below, what would it be? If you pick none, chose one of the ones that say pick me!.