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"Make a splash with an olympic display of skill and knowledge in the swimming trivia quiz! Whether you’re looking at Michael Phelps and his freestyle madness, or the more subdued synchronized swimming circuit, there’s always something new and exciting in the world of swimming. We won’t just skim the surface, but instead dive all in and learn everything you can about the wonderful sport of swimming....

So, take a deep breath, because as you progress through the questions, you’ll be sure to hit the deep end. Throw out a lifeline and invite your friends to join in the fun times had by all who take their shot at the swimming trivia quizzes!

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  • When your mom is very sick and could have a deadly disease.....................
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  • You wake up in the morning
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  • in the morning while getting ready you..........
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  • Which of the following is regulated by Article 680?

  • Underground wiring within 5 feet horizontally from the inside wall of the pool shall be:

  • Which of the following pool pump motors are required to be GFCI protection?

  • 1.     What provides the buoyant force for the body in water?
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  • 2.    The forward motion of a student performing freestyle is slowed by:
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  • 3.    Water Safety is best described as:
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