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Immigration has shaped the way society was formed and continues to have a huge impact on how we live. From the legal immigration of Americans into Canada to the illegal immigration of South American’s into America, immigration is a controversial topic. Did you know that London is one of the most multiethnic cities in the world due to immigration?
Can you think of some of history’s earliest immigrants? Most scholars believe that Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait from Asia, making them America’s first immigrants. However, immigration dates back to the biblical era, with the Israelites migrating to Egypt and leaving hundreds of years later in the Moses-led Exodus. Take our quizzes on Immigration to prove you know your stuff – it might just be today’s challenge you were looking for!
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    Which of the following was NOT a pull factor drawing immigrants to the US in the late 1800s?

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    To what part of the the country did MOST immigrants go?

Welcome to the trivia quiz that is designed to help you understand the immigration and refugee protection regulations set up in the U.S.A or other human rights body. In the world today, a lot of people are escaping death in their...

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    Foreign nationals are entitled to stay in Canada as permanent residents if they have a Canadian-born child.

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    Which factor most often causes voluntary migration?

Westward Expansion, A New Industrial Age, Immigration, Urbanization Test

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    The main immigration processing station in San Francisco was called

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Immigration Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Old and New Immigrants?
Old immigrants mostly came from Northern and Central Europe, especially England and its territories. Slaves also immigrated to the United States because they wanted to obtain work in the plantations. The old immigrants were in pursuit of new land. Mo
Why did the policy of treating the Great Plains as a huge reservation change?
White settlers began wanting the land on the Plains.
What was the goal of the Interstate Commerce Act?
To lower excessive railroad rates
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