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Get into your cockpit, fire up the engines, adjust your thrusters, set all the electronic equipment to optimum performance and get ready because here comes our aviation quiz. Since it requires information concerning aviation from its very beginning to present days, our quiz will surely challenge your knowledge. 

Take a look at some of our questions: The first lighter-than-air flight was made in a hot air balloon designed by whom? Which one of all the zeppelins was the most successful? What was the name of the plane in which Charles Lindbergh made the flight from New York to Paris? What was the name of the world’s first operation jet fighter? Spread your wings, fly between all the questions and reach legendary status with our aviation quiz.


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  • What does FAA stand for?

  • What are the four forces of flight?

  • Which of the following are PPL training aircraft?

  • Part 139 applies to all SCHEDULED passenger-carrying air carrier operations.

  • AFFF stands for?

  • Air Carrier Operation means the takeoff or landing of an air carrier aircraft and includes the period of time from 15 minutes before until 15 minutes after the takeoff or landing.

  • FAR Part 139 is applicable to which of the following?

  • Airport Personnel and Emergency Personnel training records must be maintained for a minimum of …?

  • Airport fueling personnel records and agent inspections must be maintained for a minimum of …?

  • In which year did the Concorde enter commercial service?
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  • Which of the Wright brothers is recognized as the first person to fly in a powered aircraft?
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  • Who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic?
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