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Are you an airplane enthusiast? If so, these quizzes are for you! Regardless of whether you’re just into building models or flying the real deal yourself, these quizzes have something for airplane enthusiasts of all ages. History, science, fun, interesting, and weird facts abound in this exciting airplane quiz. What are you waiting for? Play today!

In what year did the Wright brothers make their first flight? Do you know what the aircraft in the Wright brothers first flight was named? True or false: an aircraft’s wing has to be shaped in the shape of an airfoil to take off? Can you name the world’s only stealth heavy bomber? What’s the name of the first single engine British jet fighter? Quit waiting around and show off your aircraft knowledge now!
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When it comes to flying a plane there are a lot of things you should think of and ensure you have the safety of the passengers in mind. ALS Course 3 Set B on Supervisory Communicator and Supervisory of Airmen is designed to...

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    SSgt Granger tells his students, "Whenever you deliver your message, you must ensure your communication is effective. You do this by determining the purpose of communication, preparing the communication, and lastly, deliver the message. SSgt Granger’s comments BEST explain the


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    The letters A, U, P, D, & I would be translated in the phonetic alphabet to what words in the ATC world?

The Cessna 208 caravan is an American single engine turboprop, fixed with tricycle landing gear and seats nine passengers with a single pilot although with the FAR part 23 waivers it can seat up to 14 passengers. Take the...

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    Vortex Generators on top of the Horizontal stabilizer serves what purpose?

Helicopters, jets, airbuses, cargo planes but to name a few are the different types of aircrafts. Are you a familiar with any? To find out what type of aircraft you are, answer the quiz below.

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    What kind of person are you?

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    An airplane said to be inherently stable will:

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Aircraft Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of Vortex Generators on top of the Horizontal stabilizer?
The vortex generators enhance the nose down elevator trim authority
Can you read the paragraph and answer? TSgt West contacts the Vehicle Distribution Flight and says, "I would like to request a large truck to haul away some old office equipment." The dispatcher on...
The answer is actually cooperate...This is word for word in the book:c. CORRECT: TSgt West and SSgt Freeman cooperate which, according to the Introduction to Negotiating chapter, is useful when a party desires to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome
How many General Buses AND Avionics buses does a C208 have?
Poorly worded. Total of General and Avionics buses? Or how many of each? If it's the latter, then yes, 2.
How is VMCA influenced by increasing pressure altitude?
The correct answer to this question is A. Velocity - Minimum Control (air) is more commonly referred to as Vmca. Vmca is the minimum control speed below which directional or lateral control of the aircraft can no longer be maintained after one more e