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Do you have a passion for Aircraft Maintenance? The science behind it is extremely important to all who support aviation. Scrapping ice off the windshields, cleaning the dust and debris off the wings, and engine repairs can mean the difference between a smooth flight and a disastrous one.
Can you name the US federal agency that regulates Aircraft Maintenance? Can you name the technical title for the mechanic who performs Aircraft Maintenance? Today, several schools offer aircraft mechanic training, but engineers and technicians in the Air Force are also trained to work on jets and other aircraft. Do you think you have what it takes to perform Aircraft Maintenance? Take one of our quizzes now to find out!

Quiz on Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft. By Cdt Hartshorne of 504 West Nottingham Sqn.

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Aircraft Maintenance is charged with advising on problems maintaining, servicing, and inspecting aircraft and aerospace SE. They use technical data to diagnose and solve maintenance problems on aircraft systems. Do you thing...

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In the air force the aircrafts need to be in top shape in case they are called to action, this is ensured by aircraft maintenance personnel. Are you on the road to becoming a fighter aircraft maintenance journeyman and are...

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    The number of positions on the function switch of the AN/PSM-37 multimeter is....

How much do you know about aircraft maintenance – a practice which concerns itself with the overhaul, repair, inspection and modification of an aircraft or a component of an aircraft? Find out today in this aircraft-themed...

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    The estimated percent of accidents caused by nature is

Aircraft maintenance Journeyman CDC.

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    The A-10 Fuselage components the redistribute loads around cutouts and provide redundant load paths are

Aircraft Maintenance Questions & Answers

Which is the most suitable option here? The safe-life of an aircraft is predicated on ______________.
All the options may be used as a basis of aircraft life. But number of landings more or less equals pressurisation cycles and result in cyclic stress. so the option seems more relevant
What was added to a purely monocoque structure to support larger more and powerful aircraft?
There is no longerons present in a pure monocoque structure for ur kind information.
What is the action necessary to clear an erroneous red X symbol?
An authorized individual signs the INSPECTED BY block and initials over the symbol