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This quiz will ask you personality and interest-based questions that will match you up with the most well-suited the United States Air Force AFSC (Career Field).  So, waste no time, jump into the quiz right now!

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  • Sample Question
    Are you comfortable operating weapons?

United States air force enlisted ranks are specifically based on the skills and an accomplishment that a person has been able to attain. Being that you want to join the Air force do you have proper information about the ranks and...

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Practice test for 7 level cdc end of course

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    Which type of maintenance ensures that equipment is ready and available at the time of need?

In the Air Force, there are different ranks that one can get and each gives the holders certain powers. Each rank has a reporting officer and the reporting officer has someone they report to. Are you considering joining the...

Questions: 23  |  Attempts: 2223

US Air Force Security Forces Responsibilities! When it comes to the defense forces, everyone appointed has a specific role they need to play, and there are set rules on how they meet their roles. By taking this quiz, you will get...

Questions: 100  |  Attempts: 1941
  • Sample Question
    What career fields were combined in 1997 to form the “Security Forces” 3POX1 AFSC?

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Air Force Questions & Answers

What is the lifting capacity of the MHU-83-series lift truck ?
The MJ-1 is 3,000 lbs While the MHU-83 is 7,000
When a mission capable (MICAP) part issues and is placed in the tail number bin (TNB), supply personnel notify the
The answer to this question is incorrect. The correct answer should be Maintenance Operations Center (MOC).
What is the lowest rank within the U.S. Air Force?
The Lowest Rank in the Air Force is AIRMAN BASIC
What factor determines the spacing of the sidebands in an amplitude modulated signal?
The factor that will have an effect on the spacing of the sidebands is letter B. Frequency modulation is already common for radio communications. Even with all of the technologies that were created over the past years, this is still one factor that c