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If you are planning on being part of the aerospace ground equipment personnel, you will be responsible for providing and maintaining essential maintenance support capabilities to maintain or repair the aircraft. Below is 2A652...

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    The effect of noise depends on the

There are a lot of procedures that should be followed to ensure that any air force plane that leaves the ground is in working condition and all systems are good. Below is a 2A652 CDC Volume 2: Trivia Quiz On Aerospace Ground...

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    How many valence electrons are needed to make a good conductor?

URE's for CDC Vol 3 for Aerospace Ground Equipment

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    After shutdown a motor continues turning; this is known as

This is a quiz on Aerospace Ground Equipment CDC (Vol 4) 2A652

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    What component on the New Generation Heater activates the heater control unit (HCU)?

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    How many valence electrons are needed to make a good conductor?

2a652 Questions & Answers

On which type of metal can you leave corrosion as long as the component is operational?
IAW CDC 2A652 vol 1 pg 5-3, copper is the one exception, because as long as it is doing its function, patina (green particles) actually forms a protective coating around the copper surface, and actually stops corrosion.
What is also reduced when a lubricant reduces friction?
One primary function of a lubricant is to reduce the friction between moving parts. This means that the lubricant must reduce the resistance that is associated with relative motion and reduce wear, as well as reduce the heat that is generated by fric
When a line is to be disconnected you
According to volume 4 of theCDC's, the correct answer is: "Ensure there is no pressure in the system."The question has been deleted from CDC volume 4 edition, it would be wise to consult a valid source for the correct answer.
What is the wattage of a circuit with 28 volts applied and a total resistance of .2 ohms (n a series circuit)?
Wouldn't actually be 3.92 Watts instead of KW since we're trying to solve for watts and the equation to solve is P=E^2/R (Power=Volts Squared divided by Resistance) or did I miss a part where you have to convert to KW?