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    If you are performing duties in Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) 2T251, which title describes you best?

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    An Airman is qualified in two Air Force specialty codes (AFSC). Which type of AFSC identifies the one in which the Airman is currently performing duty?

The United States Air Force is the youngest branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, founded in 1907. It concerns itself with all aerial matters that the United States comes across in terms of warfare, and even now includes problems...

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    A shipper is responsible for...


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    A shipper is responsible for

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    During an anti-hijacking inspection, when will you brief passengers that prohibited carry-on items must be placed in their check baggage or they will be confiscated?

2T251 Questions & Answers

When you are unable to detect the source that set off the alarm on the hand-held magnetometer, passengers have thechoice of
The answer is be denied boarding.... why is this wrong. who created this.... there are like 20 questions that are wrong.
When a shipment with a discrepancy is delivered to your air terminal, you may refuse it
This answer is wrong . If a shipment with discrepancy is received u can not deny it if it is from transhiper instead u accept and frustrate it
When inspecting passengers with the hand-held metal detector and it locates metal, you must have them remove the metal item,
Actual answer is"Before you re-scan the area the item was removed from, and re-accomplish a scan of the entire body."