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Remote Sensing Questions and Answers

  •  Satellite images made up of three or more bands of data area called
    Remote sensing question from

  •  A “clipped” portion of an original image data layer is called a(n)
    Remote sensing question from

  •  The process of joining together two or more georeferenced image data layers into a single data layer is called
    Remote sensing question from

  • Maps created by using aerial photographs are called

  • The object under study is known as _________

  • The device to detect the Electro Megnetic Radiation is __________

  • Which of the following two plants has a higher reflectance for it's spectral response curve?
    Remote sensing question from

  • What is the name of the following equation: NIR - Red / NIR + Red
    Remote sensing question from

  • This is the Correct USGS land cover classifications in the correct order: Urban Agriculture Range Forest Wetland Water Tundra Barren Perennial Snow
    Remote sensing question from

  • What is remote sensing?
    Remote sensing question from

  • What is photogrammetry?
    Remote sensing question from

  • During the middle of the 14th century, who came up with the idea of Camera Obscura in their notebook?
    Remote sensing question from

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