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Regional Geography Questions and Answers

  • The city with the most polluted environment in Russia is...
    Regional geography question from

  • The main problem in exploiting the oil around the Caspian Sea is drilling for it.
    Regional geography question from

  • The Russian region that is rich in resources and was the destination of many Russian people during Soviet times so that the local ethnic groups were outnumbered is
    Regional geography question from

  • This system of residency has existed since Chinas Xia Dynasty (c. 2100 BCE - 1600 BCE).  It is still utilized today and is required by law that every Chinese citizen abide by this legislature.  Not only does it confirm residency & citizenship in China, it has been notoriously named "Chinas apartheid" because it establishes an implied caste system founded by the Chinese government (e.g. peasant, working class, middle class, etc.).What was the name of this system?
    Regional geography question from

  • Megalopolises are found around the world, including regions such as BosWash in the New England region of the US & the Taiheiyo Belt in Japan.What is a Megalopolis?
    Regional geography question from

  • China proper refers to the eastern half of China which maintains the majority of Chinas 1,330,044,544 population.  What ethnic group makes up the majority of Chinas population overall and in China proper?
    Regional geography question from

  • What are the two islands of the island nation New Zealand called?
    Regional geography question from

  • The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on Feb 6, 1840 between the Maori Indians of New Zealand & the British Crown.  It established a British Governor and Maori ownership of their lands & properties.  It also gave the Maori natives the same rights as British subjects.Despite the signed agreement centuries after the treaty had been signed to this day it is subject to scrutiny because
    Regional geography question from

  • What is an indigenous inhabitant of Australia called?
    Regional geography question from

  • What are the four philosophies or perspectives of geography?
    Regional geography question from

  • What are the four traditions or ways of studying geography?
    Regional geography question from

  • What best defines Human Ecology?
    Regional geography question from

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