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World Regional Geography

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    The city with the most polluted environment in Russia is...

Upcoming Final Exam for Veninga!  Questions are derived from her study guides & notes taken in class.  Good Luck!

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    This system of residency has existed since China's Xia Dynasty (c. 2100 BCE - 1600 BCE).  It is still utilized today and is required by law that every Chinese citizen abide by this legislature.  Not only does it confirm residency & citizenship in China, it has been notoriously named "China's apartheid" because it establishes an implied caste system founded by the Chinese government (e.g. peasant, working class, middle class, etc.).What was the name of this system?

Made for my Geography Final for Veninga.

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    What are the two islands of the island nation New Zealand called?

Test prep over the first group of lectures. Coming straight from the lecture notes.

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    What are the four philosophies or perspectives of geography?