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Are you a fan of the classical masters or the new age thinkers? What better way to sure up your knowledge of gardening than taking some awesome gardening quizzes online to test your knowledge?

Test yourself and share these gardening quizzes with your friends and peers to find out who among you is the gardening expert.

Enhance your knowledge of classical and modern gardening by answering these quiz questions. Prepare for an upcoming test, play them for fun or just simply keep yourself updated with these awesome gardening quizzes.

Each and every gardening quiz is backed by well-researched and interesting quiz questions that test your awareness and grasp of the subject. Not only this, you can also get instant feedback for quiz answers.

Learn something new about gardening with every question you attempt.

Grab some serious bragging rights by sharing the quiz online and challenging your friends. So what are you waiting for? Take the ultimate gardening quiz and check if you're the master of the subject.

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Gardening Questions and Answers

  • What kind of gardening is done around the home?

  • Which of these plants is arable?

  • What is the practice of creating a garden in an aquarium called? 

  • Principato Rosso
    Gardening question from

  • Principato Bianco
    Gardening question from

  • Martini Rossi Asti
    Gardening question from

  • What is the Latin name of the Christmas Rose?
    Gardening question from

  • Which plant family do Poinsettias belong to?
    Gardening question from

  • What are Frankincense and Myrrh made from?
    Gardening question from

  • What is your favorite color out of this list?
    Gardening question from

  • My garden needs to be…
    Gardening question from

  • What do you prefer?
    Gardening question from

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