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So gentle and yet so powerful through the message it transmits. It is a wonderful thing that can melt a person’s heart, make one’s day better and express feelings better than words ever could. If offered at the right time to the right person, a flower can make the impossible come true and greatly change the way things are.

What is the main role of the flower in flowering plants? What is the name of the part which is collectively formed by the calyx and the corolla? What is the symbol with which lilies have often been associated? What was the name of the Greek goddess of flowers, spring and nature? Our quiz is like a flower in itself so treat it with care and it will give all the right answers.


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  • What was the ink blot test called Charlie took?

  • Why did Charlie hate Algernon?

  • Pick what you are most like. BE HONEST!
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  • What would you rather do out of all of these?
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  • Pick your favorite kinds of movies.
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  • What was the mans name that had the operation?
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  • Which season were you born in?
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  • How do people see you at school?
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  • What do you want in life?
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