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Looking for some fun time with your friends? Try our online fruit quizzes to learn exciting trivia about all types of fruits. Quizzes on oranges , mangoes, bananas, apples- you name it we have it. We promise you’ll end up taking away free baskets of fun and knowledge.
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What do you know about fruit? Edible fruits are a means of nutrition for humans. In everyday language, the fruit is the fleshy seed associated with the structure of a plant that is sweet. Read these descriptions of fruit to...

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    I am medium size and round. I can be red, green or yellow. What am I?

There are a lot of fruits in this world and some of them are pretty rare to come by thus expensive. Let's make it little fun and see which fruit you have a spiritual connection with. All you have to do is take my awesome...

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    What colour hair do you have?

Mangoes, oranges, bananas, pineapples, apples tangerines, melons are fruits that are good for you and are delicious too. Find out which one suits you best by taking this quiz.

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    Do you like to keep things organized or do you live in the moment?

Find out here!

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    Your brother/sister breaks your most treasured possession. Do you:

Fun Fruit & Vegetable Quizzes! By Andy Pham.

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    Pineapples are a sweet and juicy fruit. Theyare given their name because they look like a.....?

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Fruit Questions & Answers

Can fruit snacks go bad?
The answer to this question is yes, fruit snacks can go bad. This is based on the fact that all foods, no matter how carefully sealed and placed in a refrigerator, expires one way or another. When you look at your food (fruit snacks are also included
How to tell if a pineapple is ripe?
Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit that is often enjoyed as a sweet treat. Do not let the rough-looking outside of the fruit fool you. The goodness that is found inside is worth the time it takes to find one and cut it. The following are simple
What is the difference between Blackberry and Blueberry?
Blackberries and blueberries are different fruits that are mostly mistaken for the same thing. Blackberries are purple-black, while blueberries are indigo. Blackberries are mostly available during mid-summer, while blueberries are available in May-Au
What is the difference between Lemon and Citron?
One of the major differences between lemon and citron can be seen when you consider the quantity of juice you can derive from each fruit. Those who are familiar with the two fruits know lemon has more juice compared to citron. Another difference betw
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