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A comprehensive database of more than 106 fruit quizzes online, test your knowledge with fruit quiz questions. Our online fruit trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top fruit quizzes.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a quiz or two per day takes ignorance away and makes fun come your way! Get yourself into the fruit market, try our quizzes, and get free baskets of fun and knowledge. Think a tomato is a vegetable? Have you ever looked for the strawberry tree? Or do you know your berries and citrus?

Are you aware of the extensive uses of fruit? What do vinegar, paprika and opium have to do with all this? Whether you think you know everything there is to know about fruit, or you are clueless on the matter, there is something here for everyone. Click now and help yourself!

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  • Pineapples are a sweet and juicy fruit. Theyare given their name because they look like a.....?
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  • Our name starts with M. We are known as the King of Fruits. We belong to the same family as the cashew and the pistachio nut. Our skin is peeled off to expose our flesh which is fragrant, succulent , moist, orange-colored, with some fibrous(but edible) strands, surrounding a large    seed.  What are we?
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  • Rockmelons are an excellent source of which vitamin, which can also  be found in oranges?
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  • I am medium size and round. I can be red, green or yellow. What am I?

  • I am small and red. Many people like me. What am I?

  • I am brown on outside and yellow inside. I am big and prickly. I have big prickly leaves growing on top of me. What am I? 

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