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What is cholesterol and what does it do to you? How can you avoid it? How can eating healthy make you lose weight? Do you know the answers to healthy eating and living? Do you know your chocolate from your carb, and your sugar cane from your sugary sweets? In these quizzes, we'll test your metal. Does aluminum poison you when you cook in it? Or maybe you're a farmer?

How can peeling your fruits help keep you healthy? These quizzes have everything from apples all the way to zucchini, from bananas to yams and carrots to parsnips! Get ready to enter the world of healthy eating and come out of the quizzes feeling fresh as an apple in May or a coconut in Hawaii.

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  • Sample Question
    A person's diet contains examples of food rich in protein, fat, vitamins, mineral ions, fiber, and water. Which of the following types of food would be a healthy addition to the diet to make it balanced?

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    For people with type 2 diabetes, the main focus is often on weight control. 

Trivia facts on healthy eating are a good way for someone to test out what they know about good food and what to eat to keep some diseases at bay naturally. If you are looking for one particular quiz, the test below is exactly...

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    Americans making $75,000 or higher may drink more than Americans making $30,000 or less because:

How much do you know about healthy eating? In the world today most of the world is full of food that does more harm to the body than good, and this is because chemicals are being introduced to either grow them or make them last...

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    What percentage of adults ages 30 to 64 texts while driving?

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    How many portions of  fruit and vegetables should you eat per day?

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