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You think you know cooking but how careful are you while doing this? Do you follow all the basic principles of food safety? How familiar are you with the World Health Organization and its work? Our food safety trivia will ask you all the most difficult questions. Check out just a couple of them and see how far you can go!

What are the five key principles of the World Health Organization when it comes to food safety? According to the WHO and CDC, how many food born illnesses take place in the United States annually? Where do 30% of food poisoning outbreaks occur in the European region of the World Health Organization? You can never be too careful when it comes to what you eat. Take the quiz and become proficient in food safety!

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  • What order should you use to wash dishes by hand?

  • Food prepared at home or in an unlicensed kitchen are:

  • What is a substitute for proper hand washing?

  • You took an apple out of the refrigerator and you plan to peel it. What should you do next?

  • If refrigerated leftovers dont have a bad smell...

  • Why do package directions on microwaveable foods include a stand time? (For example, "Cook in microwave on high for 4 - 6 minutes. Let stand for 2 minutes.")

  • In order to multiply , most bacteria need: 

  • The abbreviation for the government agency that is concerned with cause and control of disease: 

  • Double vision, muscle paralysis and breathing problems are symptons of : 

  • Which type of food would be the most likely to cause a foodborne illness?
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  • What is Cross Contaminatoin?
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  • Patients in a senior citizen facility can safely eat ?
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