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. Have you read the story A Pact With The Sun? If yes, let's check your memory. You can play this quiz and answer the simple questions correctly. The questions are related to the story and characters. As now you have...

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Writing a story takes a lot of time and of course, inspiration. Traditionally, a writer travels to places of some interest in order to look for a subject and find peace in scribbling his thoughts about something interesting....

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Do you know about short stories, and would you be able to pass this quiz? This quiz is all about “A Father’s Story” and “Dreams of Distant Lives.” You will have to answer queries like who the main...

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Included in the 1925 Contact Collection of Contemporary Writers, Soldier's Home by Ernest Hemingway is an interesting read especially if you are in the acting industry or just love short stories. If you have read it,...

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Have you had the chance to read the Old Man and His Son short story? This story is centered on a man who wanted to spade his potato garden wishing his son were there to help him out. His son comes up with a plan to help his...

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Everyone loves short stories, and having said that, what about answering some short stories questions. Reading short stories not only helps in polishing one's grammar but adds to their vocabulary. How many stories have you...

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For DI class.

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Zebra is a short story based on the friendship between James and John. Both of them have similarities that triggered their close friendship.  Additionally, James and John built a mutually beneficial relationship against all...

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This is a quiz on Searching for Summer, a short story by Joan Aiken, and a poem by Mary Oliver called "The Sun", as well as characterization. If you have read the book try out this quiz.

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A quiz on Vonnegut's short story "Harrison Bergeron"

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Short stories are a fan favorite for those people who do not like a buildup of a story that takes weeks to read. Do you have a list of sad short stories you have read or do you like action packed ones with happy endings?...

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A story "Ysrael" by Junot Diaz should be a must to read when growing up. This short story will teach you that it's okay to be different and that's not okay to show jealousy. So, have you read "Ysrael"?...

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I'm sorry, some of the questions aren't multiple choice and if you get the right answer, but you put it in a different order, don't worry this test is just supposed to be a helpful study option for the Short Story...

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Short stories have the particularity to be captivating, interesting, and on point from the very beginning. They are unforgettable little treasures that not only captivate our imagination but also teach us a lesson. Whether it has...

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Are you studying English or are just a short stories enthusiast? In case you plan to retake the short stories 7th ELA then this quiz will test how much you know. It will help you prepare well on the subject.

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