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Do you know how the term platonic love originated? What kind of relationship did Plato have with Socrates? If you are a student preparing for an upcoming exam or a poetry lover, find answers to these questions and many more with our online poetry quizzes.
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Poetry is an art form unlike any other. It’s a manner in which we express our emotions through words in a harmonic fashion, telling a story in a beautiful way that does more than simply saying things outright would. There...

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    Which of the following is an example of alliteration?

Poetry is one way people use to portray their emotions and message to the intended readers or listeners. Are you new students taking up poetry, but you do not know which type of poetry speaks most about you as a writer? Well,...

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    Alliteration is:

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    Which poet and critic coined the term “metaphysical poet”?

This Exam will test your basic knowledge of poetry concepts.

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    What is the feeling that a poem creates for the reader? It can be positive or negative.

There are some elements that lead to a poem being so enticing to the reader or writer. These elements include a rhyme scheme, meter, and word sounds. Over the past week, we have covered these elements in detail and how to...

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    A segment of a poem that is divided into groups of lines is called a:

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Poetry Questions & Answers

What two poetic techniques are used in this sentence? His eyes were hollows of madness, his hair like mouldy hay.
The correct answers to this question are metaphor and similie. Metaphors and similies are two figures of speech. Using metaphors and similies allow the writing to be more interesting to the user. These figures of speech are popular in poetry. They d
Which of the following is an example of onomatopoeia?
To be honest, this questions confuse me a bit as lazy lizards lounge cannot be considered as an onomatopoeia as lizards do not make that kind of a sound whereas whispers, slaps and smacks are the typical sounds that you might hear and should be consi
What language appeals to the senses in poetry and creates pictures in the head?
The language that appeals to the senses in poetry and creates pictures in the head is imagery. Imagery is a figurative language. Imagery is the term used for description that appeals to the five senses of human. When a writer attempts to describe so
What is a description word that compares one thing to another called?
The correct answer to this question is Metaphor. This description word is also a figure of speech. Instead of using words at face value, the words are used to compare things. The purpose of a metaphor is to paint a picture to the reader. An exa
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