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Are you someone who constantly gets mesmerized by the wonderful artwork by legends like Picasso, Michelangelo, or Rembrandt? So, do you know who painted “The Scream”? Don't worry if you don't. Try out online Art History quizzes and learn something new with each attempt.
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      Welcome to the Art Histor Game, Masters Level Round 1 The Art History Game was designed to test your knowledge on the artists, movements and styles...

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    This painting titled “Portrait of Pope Innocent X" was painted by...

It would be very sad to be an artist and not really understand the history of art. Trust me, knowledge is power. The quiz below is on the different symbols of art. All the best

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 4536   |  Last updated: Feb 25, 2019
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    The sun?  

Questions: 9  |  Attempts: 2351   |  Last updated: Aug 24, 2020
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    Pop Art is

The history of art is rather extraordinary when you let yourself be immersed in it. From drawings made by cavemen all the way up to the Renaissance, and now with more modern art, we are here to test your art knowledge with...

Questions: 100  |  Attempts: 1212   |  Last updated: Nov 2, 2018

Art can touch your feelings, this quiz has questions about art. Take this quiz and find out how much do you know about art.

Questions: 7  |  Attempts: 3892   |  Last updated: Jan 5, 2017
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    This is an example of what time of technique?

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Art History Questions & Answers

What is the sculpture from 1917 that sparked a controversial ongoing argument?
The Urinal (or Fountain) by Marcel Duchamp 1917 Marcel Duchamps Urinal (or Fountain) of 1917 epitomized the question what is art? In December 2004, Duchamps Fountain was voted the most influential artwork of the 20th century by 500 selected British
What art qualities made Mona Lisa painting so costly?
Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa holds the Guinness World Record for the highest known insurance valuation in history. It has been painted between the years 1503 to 1506 and it is also said that Leonardo worked on it till late 1517s. It is r
Which painting the image of The Arnolfini Portrait?
This image is a portrait painted by the Infamous Jan van Eyck. It shoes two clogs or sandals. These can represent a gift such as a wedding present or it can be used to depict the sacred precincts of these shoes. The painting is called the Arnolfini P
What are the career aspects of having an art history degree?
Here are some job prospects for someone with a degree in art history. Consevator, Administrative Assistant for an art museum, gallery exhibition manager, commercial art gallery manager, museum curator, Analyst for a financial services firm, academic
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