History Of Art And Architecture (Early Christian Period)

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History Of Art And Architecture (Early Christian Period) - Quiz


Questions and Answers
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    Art pertaining to those produced by the early christians until the founding of the Byzantine empire

    The correct answer is "early christian" because the question is asking for the art that is related to the early Christians until the establishment of the Byzantine empire. "Early Christian" refers to the art produced during the early years of Christianity, which includes various forms such as frescoes, mosaics, and sculptures that were influenced by Roman and Greek styles. This art often depicted biblical scenes and symbols of Christian faith.

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    Ichthus is the Greek word for "fish" and is often used as a symbol for Christianity. In the early days of Christianity, when it was illegal to openly practice the religion, followers would use the symbol of a fish to identify themselves to each other. The word "ichthus" is also an acronym for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior" in Greek. Therefore, the answer "ichthus" is correct because it accurately represents the meaning and significance of the fish symbol in Christianity.

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    Semi-circular space in front of nave

    The correct answer is "apse." An apse refers to a semi-circular space located in front of the nave in a church or cathedral. It is typically used as a sanctuary or a place for the clergy. The apse is often adorned with decorative elements such as stained glass windows or intricate carvings.

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    Placed at the center of the nave

    The correct answer is "altar." An altar is a raised structure or table used in religious ceremonies, usually placed at the center of the nave in a church. It is where religious rituals and offerings are made, and it holds a significant symbolic meaning in various religions. The altar is considered a sacred space and is often the focal point of worship and reverence in a place of worship.

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    Prohibition of icons in representational human form

    The correct answer is the iconoclastic controversy of 726. This refers to a period in Byzantine history when there was a debate and conflict over the use of religious icons, particularly those depicting humans. Some argued that the use of such icons was idolatrous and violated the commandment against graven images, while others believed that they were important for worship and veneration. This controversy led to the destruction of many icons and a division within the Byzantine Empire.

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    Inverted concave triangles

    Pendentives are architectural elements that support a dome or a circular structure by transitioning the weight of the dome to the piers below. They are triangular curved surfaces that are formed by intersecting arches or vaults. Pendentives are commonly used in Byzantine and Islamic architecture to create a smooth transition between a square or rectangular base and a circular dome. Therefore, the term "pendentives" accurately describes the given image of inverted concave triangles.

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