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  • 1. 

    Questions 1 – 5   Here are some sentences about a well-known painting, La Gioconda (or Mona Lisa).For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.Use no more than three words.Write only the missing words. Example:   0 It was 1503 when Leonardo da Vinci started to paint La Gioconda.Leonardo da Vinci started to paint La Gioconda .............. 1503. Answer: 0 in

  • 2. 

    You arranged to meet your  English friend Sally next Tuesday, but you have to change the time. Write an email to Sally. In your email you should
    • suggest a new time to meet on Tuesday
    • explain why you need to change the time
    • remind Sally where you arranged to meet. 
    Write 35-45 words.

  • 3. 

    Question 6 

  • 4. 

    Write the answer to ONE of the questions (7 or 8) in this part. Write your answer in about 100 words. 

  • 5. 

    Question 7 Your Scottish penfriend has written to you for advice.Next month , I'm moving with my family to a different area. I have to choose between going to a small school in the countryside or a large school in the centre of town. What should I do?Now write a letter to your penfriend , giving your advice.  Write your letter in about 100 words.   

  • 6. 

    Question 8 Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.  Your story must begin with this sentence:As the man left the cafe, Maria saw that his phone was still on the table.Write your story in about 100 words.   

  • 7. 

    Probably, no other painting is as famous as La Gioconda.La Gioconda is probably ............... painting in the world.

    La Gioconda, also known as the Mona Lisa, is widely regarded as the most famous and best-known painting in the world. Its fame can be attributed to several factors, including its enigmatic smile, the skillful technique employed by Leonardo da Vinci, and its historical significance as a masterpiece of Renaissance art. The painting has been the subject of countless reproductions, parodies, and references in popular culture, further cementing its status as an iconic work of art.

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  • 8. 

    Nobody is sure of the identity of the woman in the painting.Nobody is sure ............... the woman in the painting is.

    The given answer is correct because it accurately completes the sentence by using the correct preposition "about" and the pronoun "who" to refer to the identity of the woman in the painting. The sentence structure is also maintained by using the same word order as in the original sentence.

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  • 9. 

    People find the smile of the woman in the painting interesting.People are .............. in the smile of the woman in the painting.

    The correct answer is "interested" because it is the adjective form of the verb "interest", which means to attract or engage someone's attention or curiosity. In this case, people are intrigued or captivated by the smile of the woman in the painting, finding it fascinating or compelling.

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  • 10. 

    It took Leonardo a long time to paint this picture.Leonardo spent a long time .............. this picture.

    Leonardo spent a long time on, over, working on, painting, finishing, doing, completing, producing, and creating this picture. The answer options provided all suggest different ways in which Leonardo dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to the task of creating the painting.

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  • 11. 

    Does anyone know what this picture is worth today?Does anyone know how ............... this picture is worth today?

    The question is asking for the value of the picture in terms of currency. The phrase "how much money" is commonly used to inquire about the value of something, and the options provided (much, many pounds, many dollars, many euros) are all different forms of currency. Therefore, the correct answer is any of the options provided, as they all indicate the value of the picture in different currencies.

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