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You asked for it and we built it. Our newest quiz is right here and ready to be officially unveiled. Combining elements from a vast array of styles and a number of different cultures, we have constructed another one of our challenging quizzes for you.

Feast your eyes on some of the questions you will be asked: What is the most famous element of the Florence Cathedral in Florence, Italy? What is the name of the most well-known building you can find on the Athenian Acropolis? The Palace of Westminster in London features what style? What year was the Sidney Opera House formally opened? Grab your tools and let’s get started on building yet another successful quiz solving operation.

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  • A key housing agency that assist private developers to undertake low and middle income mass housing production

  • The Grandest Temple of all Egyptian temples, it was not built by upon one complete plan but owes its size, disposition and magnificence to the work of many Kings. Built from the 12th Dynasty to the Ptolemaic period.

  • A ____________ is a wall which extends vertically from lowest portion of the wall which adjoins two living units up to a minimum height of 0.30 meters above the highest portion of the roof and extends horizontally 0.30 meters beyond the outermost edge of the abutting living units?

  • A written communication issued by an owner authorizing a contractor to proceed with the work and establishingthe date of commencement of the work
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  • Division 7 of the Masterformat
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  • Division 9 of the Masterformat
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  • The process of removing concrete forms from the cured concrete?

  • The ultimate strength of the material divided by allowable working load?

  • Beam that project beyond one or both its support?

  • a conventionalized representation of an acanthus leaf, used esp. as a decoration for Corinthian column capitals.
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  • a main beam resting across the tops of columns, specifically the lower third ornamental molding around the wall of a room just below the ceiling.
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  • the distinct, typically broader section at the head of a pillar or column.
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