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    When did the First World War break out?

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    "Art Noveau" is an international art movement that was born to the end of XVIII century

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    The Modernism was a movement that begun with the industrialization after the second world war in the late 19th century and early 20th century. It principal mission was:

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    Modernism was developed in...

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    1.      What century was modernism developed?

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Modernism Questions & Answers

What was Modernism and what were its main features?
I think it is the rejection of past traditions in
What were the economic and social consequences of the first World War?
Economically the world suffered, socially people lost trust in the world and questioned
Which of the following statements about Art Nouveau are true?
Art Nouveau obtained a nickname the noodle style in French, Le style nouilles Principal subjects are lavish birds and flowers, insects and polyformic femme fatale Art Nouveau was a way of thinking about modern society and new production methods.
Which of the following building or building belong to the work of Francesc Berenguer?
Mercat de la libertad Casa Gaudi in Parc Güell Building for centra moral de Gracia Mercat de la llibertad ,1893, in Valencia. Casa Gaudi in Parc Gell, 1900-1902, in Bellesguard. (In collaboration with Gaud) Building for centra moral de Gracia,1