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Do you consider yourself to be a social activist? Do you think you could be the next Martin Luther King Jr or Mahatma Gandhi? Perhaps such historical leaders are your personal heroes or maybe you just love a good history lesson. Either way, it is time to take our Movement trivia quizzes and release the civil rights activist from within!

Get ready to answer questions on the historical movements for civil rights in the United States, India, Northern Ireland and beyond! Put on your thinking cap and answer questions such as, "Which group of students are famous for having challenged school segregation in the Southern States?", and "What major event first established Martin Luther King Jr as an important civil rights leader?".

Prepare to put your historical and political skills to the test with our fun movement trivia quizzes!
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    The Khilafat movement was a _____________ movement launched by the Muslims of British India.

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This lecture was given by Dr.Dubiski. It covered the different movement disorders and etc. Enjoy!

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    This hyperkinetic disorder is characterized by being rhythmic oscillation of agonist and antagonist muscles.

Take this quiz to review the concepts you've learned about in this unit.

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    Modernism was born because

This Quiz will cover the concepts covered in Unit 3  Mass Movements.

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    Identify this form of Weathering

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Movement Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Locomotion and Movement?
Some may assume that movement and locomotion are the same, but these two words have certain differences. Movement is known to be the time when a living organism will move from one place to another. Locomotion means that the movement that the living o
What is the difference between Amish and Mennonite?
Amish and Mennonites are followers of the Mennonite Church founded by Jakob Amman. They are known to be very traditional and peace-loving people. Though they both follow the teaching of the Mennonite Church, they are different in many ways. The Amish
What is the difference between ataxia and apraxia?
Ataxia and Apraxia are different in some ways. The only similarity between them is that, they are both movement disorders. The differences between Ataxia and Apraxia will be discussed in relation to their definition. Ataxia is a movement disorder in
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