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What’s your favourite piece of prose? Without any rhyming or metrical structure, a piece of prose is made up of sentences and paragraphs that create an effect. Check out our creative online prose quizzes to learn interesting facts and trivia about this straightforward way to present narration and express dialogues.
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    Brantian, as opposed to Mr. Harvy, is

Prepare final

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The outcome, solution, unraveling, or clarification of a plot in a drama or story.

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What type of atmosphere is created by imagery in the opening paragraph("uncertain glow," "deep shadows")?
Surreptitious. While surreptitious means secret, it has the additional feeling of "slippery" or "covered up." Amid the Jewish Passover feast of Seder, a grown-up will surreptitiously put a bit of matzoh some place in the house fo
Which environmental factors are primarily responsible for the change in human behavior?
Behaviourism. this school of psychology is based on the premise that scientific psychology should study only observable behaviour. from this premise, the behaviourists eventually come to see their mission as to relate observable behaviour to observab
What is the difference between Verse and Prose?
Prose is might be called "normal language" - it's what we use in a day speech. It consists of sentences and paragraphs, and is what most novels and contemporary are written in. Verse also can be called poetry - it tends to possess a daily r
Describe Selyes General Adaptation Syndrome using an example of a situation that might be expected to lead to such a response. In addition, describe two constructive coping methods that would...
Alarm: essentially a fight-or-flight response; highly physiological Resistance: physiological changes stabilize as coping sets in and performance, or dealing with the stressor, may appear to be completely under control Exhaustion: the bodys res
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