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Prose Questions & Answers

What type of atmosphere is created by imagery in the opening paragraph("uncertain glow," "deep shadows")?
Surreptitious. While surreptitious means secret, it has the additional feeling of "slippery" or "covered up." Amid the Jewish Passover feast of Seder, a grown-up will surreptitiously put a bit of matzoh some place in the house fo
Which environmental factors are primarily responsible for the change in human behavior?
Behaviourism. this school of psychology is based on the premise that scientific psychology should study only observable behaviour. from this premise, the behaviourists eventually come to see their mission as to relate observable behaviour to observab
Which Brantian opposed to Mr. Harvy?
Meek-brantain is meek compared to the more up-front and audacious mr. harvy, who pressed an ardent, lingering kiss upon nathalies lips (2122), confidently responds to her angry questions (3640), and with an insolent smile (7374) rejects her kiss (787
What does Nathalie's "delicious frankness" of manner imply?  
She is more wily than frank-the adjective delicious is not usually paired with the noun frankness, and this pairing makes the reader question the authenticity of nathalies frankness. the adjective delicious conjures up an image of nathalie licking he