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Photography Questions & Answers

What is the need of photo editing?
Photo editing is one of the most important parts when it comes to the world of taking photos especially professionally. Photo editing is very prevalent these days especially in the world of digital and online photography. Actually photo editing has b
How can I click a good selfie?
Selfie is a self-portrait picture you take by having a camera in your direction at an arm's length. The term 'selfie' is all over everywhere because once you have your mobile phone, you can successfully take a selfie. However, the selfie is not only
When did selfie become a thing?
Selfie is a self-portrait photograph, especially the one you take with a small camera or mobile phone. Today, people talk about selfie without knowing much about how the word came into being. Many people still do not know that the concept of selfie i
Why are people so obsessed with the selfies?
The term 'selfie' has not only become popular among people, but it has successfully entered into the sub-consciousness of some people that not taking a single selfie in a day is a problem for them. While taking too much of selfie might not be somethi