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  • What is the need of photo editing?
    What is the need of photo editing?
    Photo editing is one of the most important parts when it comes to the world of taking photos especially professionally. Photo editing is very prevalent these days especially in the world of digital and online photography. Actually photo editing has been around since the early days of the camera. The reason that photo editing is needed because it is able to correct any blemishes or oddities that may be present in a picture. The focal point of the picture could be askew which would then mean that a photo editor would be needed to make the picture look more appealing. There are times when a picture is taken and there could be blotches or spots on the picture. That would have to be corrected. The great thing is that there are all kinds of online photo editing programs that make it so much easier for anyone to be able to edit any photo that they have taken. One can very easily see why photo editing is so important. It is needed to fix any obvious errors that could be present in a photo. Photo editing is actually one of the more underrated aspects when it comes to the world of photography. It gives a picture that final glow, look, and touch.

  • When did selfie become a thing?
    When did selfie become a thing?
    Selfie is a self-portrait photograph, especially the one you take with a small camera or mobile phone. Today, people talk about selfie without knowing much about how the word came into being. Many people still do not know that the concept of selfie is something that started so many years ago. In 1839, a man called Robert Cornelius took the first selfie ever, but it was not really called selfie, but the way it was taken looked so much like a selfie. Also, the first ever documented use of the word ''selfie'' was in September 2002, by an Australian man. However, the increasing rate at which digital cameras and sophisticated smartphones are being produced, together with the coming of social media has made the usage of selfie more popular among people. The concept of selfie has become popular as people can now post their pictures on some social media platforms for people to make their comments.

  • Why are people so obsessed with the selfies?
    Why are people so obsessed with the selfies?
    The term 'selfie' has not only become popular among people, but it has successfully entered into the sub-consciousness of some people that not taking a single selfie in a day is a problem for them. While taking too much of selfie might not be something to be raising alarm over, but efforts need to be made to know why some people are so obsessed with it. Many still continue to see taking of selfies as a trend. The sad thing is many are still being led by what they think society is saying at the moment, especially on social media. The advent of social media sites has made things very complicated for people, as people can now post their pictures and expect other people will start making comments about how good they look. Because of this alone, a lot of people, especially girls, have taken it as a job to be posting their selfies online until it finally becomes a habit for them.

  • What does selfie really mean?
    What does selfie really mean?
    Selfie is a self-portrait kind of picture, especially the one you take at arm's length with your camera, most especially with a smartphone. So many things have contributed to the huge popularity of the term 'selfie.' The influence of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter cannot be overemphasized. People find it easy to do as they like on social media, and taking of selfies is one of the tools which you can use to create a special online presence for yourself. Selfie is actually one taken when you place your camera at arm's length in your direction, and it doesn't include the ones you take by using a remote or self-timer. The first selfie taken was by an American man named Robert Cornelius in 1839, though it was not really called selfie everything about the picture looks so much like a selfie. Selfie sticks are also important, especially when you are talking about group selfie.

  • Who take more selfies, men or women?
    Who take more selfies, men or women?
    The concept of the word 'selfie' is cherished by both men and women. However, the degree to which both genders are obsessed with it is different. According to research, it has been found out that women like taking more selfies compared to men. The reason for this obsession cannot be far-fetched. Women like to be appreciated, and they will go to any length to achieve this. And also, the creation of social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc., has made the selfie a good way for women to be showing their faces so that they can draw huge attention from people. While some women do this naturally, others are doing it for different ulterior motives. Although men also like taking selfies, you can't compare the rate to that of women. This is why you will see a woman posting a selfie on Instagram, and she would be having 100 of comments, whereas a man, on the other hand, won't generate up to that comments.

  • What cameras do wildlife photographers use?
    What cameras do wildlife photographers use?
    If you want to pursue wildlife photography, your smartphone or your beginner’s DSLR kit will not be enough to capture the wildlife. First and the most important equipment you should have is a telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses allow you to take closer pictures of your subjects such as a herd of lions or giraffes while you are in a safe distance. The cameras that can help you have a good wildlife portfolio are the Sony a9 mirrorless camera and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR among the recommended wildlife cameras. The Sony A9 can capture 20 frames per second, capturing almost every movement of your subject. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is the fastest DSLR that can capture 14 frames per second.

  • What are the disadvantages of digital cameras?
    What are the disadvantages of digital cameras?
    You may think that digital cameras are one of the most amazing things that people have come up with but there are some disadvantages to using them. If you would like to manage your pictures, you want to make sure that you have some knowledge about using some computers. Your editing skills will also be put to the test. Another disadvantage is the cost. It is not a surprise that the cost is going to be expensive as compared to film cameras. There are also digital images that are not very clear once you place them in black and white. Film images can still be very crisp no matter what filter you would use on them. It is all a matter of preference and what you would like to work more.

  • What does it mean by saying pictures speak louder than words?
    What does it mean by saying pictures speak louder than words?
    Pictures speak a thousand words is a saying and moniker that has been around pretty much since the early years of the introduction of the camera. While a book has words and its only as good as its weight, a picture stands the test of time. It gives a visual intrepretation of what object or scene that is being photographed. Those thousand words could pertain to the object being photographed right on up to what was going on in the world at the time. A picture is able to conjur up so many thoughts and memories that being able to put it to words would be too difficult to do. It would certainly take a thousand words or even more to put it just exactly how you would want it. In all reality it would be most difficult to describe a picture. A picture speaks a thousand words because it is a visual interpretation and it would take a very, very large amount of words to describe exactly what the picture is trying to say.

  • What are the career aspects of photography?
    What are the career aspects of photography?
    Someone taking a career as photographer and looking for the aspects of the career of a photographer certainly has huge prospects. The reason for this is that photos are in high demand. Not only do photos have to be used in books and magazines, they are a very important part of the internet and websites. Freelance photographers are an important part of magazines and books in them being able to secure pictures for their publications. Another great thing is that these magazine and book publishers are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a single picture. Knowing that alone would certainly show a prospective photographer that a career in photography could be a rewarding one. For that being said, the career aspects in photography are huge and one that could be lucrative and make a dedicated person a lot of money and be set for life.

  • What kind of skills should I have for being a good photographer?
    What kind of skills should I have for being a good photographer?
    There are several skills that one should have when it comes to becoming a very good photographer. The very first skill that one should have when it comes to being a good photographer is making sure that you have a keen eye. What this means is making sure you find a scene, surrounding, or object to take a photo of and making sure that it will be able to stand the test of time. There is the skill of being steady and stable when taking a picture. One would not think of this but having the skill of bargaining is good for a photographer. This means that if they are a freelancer that they would need to have good bargining skills in order to get the highest price they can for their work. There are numerous skills that a person should have in order for them to become a highly successful photographer. The most important is staying true to the craft and making sure that you market and present your work in the best of fashion.

  • Who made the world's first camera?
    Who made the world's first camera?
    History shows that the first camera was actually given the name of the camera obscura. This type of camera would bring forth the birth of the dark room which photography is so much more noted for these days. Obscura in Latin actually means 'dark room'. The camera obscura had a small opening at the front which was directed towards an object. An inverted image is then projected inside of the camera. This method actually gets its origins and traces back to the ancient Chinese. The Arabs of the 11th century were also known to use the camera obscura method. The first camera that was made in the sense that we know cameras today was made in 1816 and history bestows that honor to a Frenchman by the name of Nicephore Niepce. He had a small camera that used paper and silver cholride, two materials that would create the world of photography that would be one of the most influentual in the history of the world. Niepce was known for working with local Paris based opticians and using lenses from them to tinker with the projections of his cameras. One can easily say that without a doubt that it was Niepce that made the first camera and could be noted pretty much as the Father of Modern Photography.

  • When did photography become mainstream?
    When did photography become mainstream?
    Without a doubt, photography became mainstream in the second and latter half of the 20th century. It was during this time in which print journalism from newspapers up to major magazines began to flourish. Pictures were needed in order to make these things come to life and they certainly were able to do just that. Eventually, photographs became so important that it in themselves were able to tell a story without the printed words. This certainly lends credit to the old addage of a picture speaks a thousand words. Books and newspapers in the early years were nothing but words with very little to no pictures in them. As the years went on, photography became more mainstream which means that photography became more and more of a popular vocation. Without a doubt, photography became mainstream in the second half of the 20th century because they were detrimental to books and magazines from the time period.

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