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  • Which of the following definitions is the most accurate about "shape"?
    Which of the following definitions is the most accurate about "shape"?
    4. An element that is concerned with height and width, and that encloses space.

  • Which element of art is concerned with reflected light?
    Which element of art is concerned with reflected light?
    The answer to this is C. Color has always been known to improve a lot of things. Some people cannot imagine life without any color. Light has always been known to be associated with color because it is the reason why colors appear. There are different wavelengths available and depending on the length of the wavelength, a certain color will appear. Some people have done artworks with the use of reflected light causing some colors to appear on their artwork. It can be amazing especially if done properly. There are a lot of art pieces that may be devoid of any color but a lot of people would still prefer those that are colorful.

  • Which principle of art refers to how art elements help direct a viewers eyes through a work of art?
    Which principle of art refers to how art elements help direct a viewers eyes through a work of art?
    The answer to this is E. Movement is very important when people would look at an artwork. There are some people who will only appreciate art when it is not in abstract form because they find realist paintings to be harder to do. Still, there are some paintings that will catch your attention. You will become drawn towards some paintings even though you do not understand what it is. This is because of the movement that you can find within the painting. You may sense where your eyes are supposed to go in order to fully understand the painting. The other elements of any artwork are also important for other things.

  • What do you understand by the term unity?
    What do you understand by the term unity?
    "Unity is a principle of art that makes all the elements and/or parts of an artwork feel unified, as if all the parts go together. It also gives an artwork a sense of feeling complete and/or finished." Justin Tran

  • Which of the following define textures?
    Which of the following define textures?
    Something that Mr. Maurer often has his students experience during his Fear Factor lessons. (A reference to Walt Morey Middle School s Drama teacher.) How something feels or how it looks like it would feel.

  • When are patterns created?
    When are patterns created?
    1. When an art element (or elements) is repeated in a planned or random way over and over again. The result is an enhanced surface of a painting or sculpture.

  • What is the response of vision to wavelengths of light?
    What is the response of vision to wavelengths of light?
    Some images on the electromagnetic spectrum can be seen by the naked eye. However, most can’t. This has to do with the types of rays used as well as the frequency and wavelengths. Whenever we use our vision to view light in wavelengths, we are seeing colors. The colors and objects that are visible by the naked eye on the electromagnetic spectrum include those that are near ultraviolet and near infrared. The near ultraviolet rays have a frequency of about 300 THz and they have a frequency of 1 wavelength. The near infrared rays have a 3000 THz just like the near ultraviolet rays and they have either 1 or 10 wavelengths. Others that are not visible include ionizing radiation and microwaves.

  • What is a 2-D area enclosed by a line that establishes contour called?
    What is a 2-D area enclosed by a line that establishes contour called?
    The correct answer to this question is D, Shape. The two dimensions of shapes are width and length. There are seven elements of art, and shapes are one of them. The other six are lines, form, color, value, space, and texture. These additional six elements work together by giving the shape its boundaries. Specifically, when the amount is added, the shape can become an illusion, have highlights and shadows. Lines are what form shapes. For example, four tracks create a square, while three make a triangle. When space is used in conjunction with a way, it can create negative and positive spaces.

  • What is a line?
    What is a line?
    Point or mark that is dragged across a surface.The three properties of this element are hue (its color name like red, yellow, blue), value and intensity.

  • Can you fill in the blanks?The secondary colors are ______________.
    Can you fill in the blanks?The secondary colors are ______________.
    Blue is a primary color secondary colors are orange green violet/purple

  • Which colors are secondary colors?
    Which colors are secondary colors?
    The secondary colors are Orange, Green and Violet. None of the choices given are correct.

  • What is the definition of contrast?
    What is the definition of contrast?
    In most dictionaries, contrast is defined as an obvious difference between two or more things. It is slightly the same meaning in art but with it denotes the difference between light and dark colors or areas. Contrast destroys the harmony or unity of art to emphasize an important object or strong emotion. Imagine a painting of a garden with so many bushes, grass, and trees. They are all green in general right, then you can see at the center a bright red swing. The contrast of the background’s color (green) and the subject (red) makes the swing pop out and can make the viewers think of the story behind it.

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