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Which of the following definitions is the most accurate about "shape"?
4. An element that is concerned with height and width, and that encloses space.
Which element of art is concerned with reflected light?
The answer to this is C. Color has always been known to improve a lot of things. Some people cannot imagine life without any color. Light has always been known to be associated with color because it is the reason why colors appear. There are differen
Which principle of art refers to how art elements help direct a viewers eyes through a work of art?
The answer to this is E. Movement is very important when people would look at an artwork. There are some people who will only appreciate art when it is not in abstract form because they find realist paintings to be harder to do. Still, there are some
What do you understand by the term unity?
"Unity is a principle of art that makes all the elements and/or parts of an artwork feel unified, as if all the parts go together. It also gives an artwork a sense of feeling complete and/or finished." Justin Tran